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Under Graduate Course

Dudhnoi college has decided to implement Credit Based Choice System (CBCS) as per regulations of the Under Graduate Choice Based Credit System (UGCBCS) Gauhati University, 2019 from the Academic session 2019-2020. The Choice Based Credit System is the logical next step in a credit based semester system which is becoming more learner-centric. A CBCS offers the student a diversity of courses to choose from and the autonomy to decide on the place, pace and time of learning. The undergraduate degree programme in the CBCS will have courses spread across six- semesters in Arts, Science and Commerce. Two consecutive (one odd and one even) semesters will make up an academic year. An UG course shall be of Six Semesters covering three Calendar Years (Academic Sessions - June to May). The duration of the Odd Semesters (First, Third and Fifth) shall be 'June to November', and that of Even Semesters (Second, Fourth and Sixth) shall be 'December to May'. Each student must take admission in three consecutive Academic Sessions starting with the first semester. Students who do not enroll in the Second Academic Session will not be eligible to take admission in the Third Academic Session. The minimum time requirement to acquire an undergraduate degree will be three years. The maximum time allowed to complete the programme will be six years.

An undergraduate degree program with Honours in a discipline will have a course credit requirement of 148 credits while an undergraduate degree programme without Honours will require a student to earn 132 course credits. Students in a Honours programme can opt to earn additional credits by undertaking additional Elective courses subject to the condition that the total number of course credits does not exceed 160 credits. For a student in a Regular programme, this credit ceiling will be 140 credits. The credits earned beyond the mandatory program requirement will not be taken into consideration in computation of the student's grade but will be recorded in the grade sheet.

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