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Dudhnoi college has decided to implement Credit Based Choice System (CBCS) as per regulations of the Under Graduate Choice Based Credit System (UGCBCS) Gauhati University, 2019 from the Academic session 2019-2020. The Choice Based Credit System is the logical next step in a credit based semester system which is becoming more learner-centric. A CBCS offers the student a diversity of courses to choose from and the autonomy to decide on the place, pace and time of learning. The undergraduate degree programme in the CBCS will have courses spread across six- semesters in Arts, Science and Commerce. Two consecutive (one odd and one even) semesters will make up an academic year. An UG course shall be of Six Semesters covering three Calendar Years (Academic Sessions - June to May). The duration of the Odd Semesters (First, Third and Fifth) shall be 'June to November', and that of Even Semesters (Second, Fourth and Sixth) shall be 'December to May'. Each student must take admission in three consecutive Academic Sessions starting with the first semester. Students who do not enroll in the Second Academic Session will not be eligible to take admission in the Third Academic Session. The minimum time requirement to acquire an undergraduate degree will be three years. The maximum time allowed to complete the programme will be six years.

An undergraduate degree program with Honours in a discipline will have a course credit requirement of 148 credits while an undergraduate degree programme without Honours will require a student to earn 132 course credits. Students in a Honours programme can opt to earn additional credits by undertaking additional Elective courses subject to the condition that the total number of course credits does not exceed 160 credits. For a student in a Regular programme, this credit ceiling will be 140 credits. The credits earned beyond the mandatory program requirement will not be taken into consideration in computation of the student's grade but will be recorded in the grade sheet.

UG -CBCS Regulations of GU =View File

Eligibility and Admission Procedure
  1. The college follows relevant guidelines and regulations of affiliating authorities like GU, regarding eligibility and minimum qualification for enrolment in any courses.
  2. Admission is strictly on the basis of merit.
  3. Aspiring students may apply for admission in Dudhnoi College through online portal by filling up requisite forms and paying the prescribed application fee.
  4. The students will then have to appear for selection interview, on prescribed date, time and place, along will all necessary testimonials in original.
  5. The admission process of the selected students will be over only after payment of all required fee through any of available online payment method.
  6. Students whose parents’ total incomes are less than one lakh rupee are admitted under the Assam Government’s Fee Waiver scheme. Students seeking admission under this scheme must produce parents’ original income certificate issued by competent authority at the time of admission. (Certificate should not be more than one year old).
  7. During the admission, the College will follow the relevant Government rules and regulations regarding reservation.
  8. All payments to the colleges are strictly cashless.
  9. The decision of the Admission Committee is final and binding in case of selection and admission of a student.
  10. Students migrating from other universities and boards must produce migration certificate and pay migration fee as per rule.

Change of Subject
Admitted students may change their combination of subjects within one month from the date of admission. However, such changes are subjected to availability of seat and approval of concerned departmental HoD and Admission Committee. No change of combination of subject is allowed after one month from the date of admission.

Class attendance is compulsory. Students with less than 75% attendance will be discollegiated and will be barred from appearing in the semester examination as regular students.

In Undergraduate Degree courses, the students must earn full credit in Core Courses, Generic Elective Courses (GE), Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Course, Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC) [Comprising of Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC) & skill Enhancement Courses (SEC)] for which the students should have minimum 75% attendance. Attendance means attending direct instruction hours, i.e. theory classes, seminars, workshops, practical, internships, educational trips, field works, project works etc.

Basis for Calculation of attendance for UG students
The basis for the calculation of the attendance shall be the number of hours of contact prescribed by the University. In case a student fails to have at least 75% attendance, he/she will not be allowed to sit for the end semester examination and hence have to repeat the concerned semester after the successful completion of the subsequent semesters.

Evaluation Process of UG students
To make evaluation an integral part of teaching-learning process, Dudhnoi College follows the process of continuous evaluation of students as prescribed by affiliated University. Therefore, appearing in all the sessional and internal examinations is mandatory for all students. Non-compliance will lead to dis-collegiation. Evaluation of the students’ performance in each semester for every course/paper will be based on the following: For a student to pass in a course/paper, she/he has to pass both in Internal Assessment and End Semester Examination separately.

Internal Assessment (IA): Internal Assessment will ideally account for 20% of the total marks allotted to a course/paper. For evaluating the performance of the students in a continuous way, the following measures will be adopted for distributing marks earmarked for internal assessment.

Sessional or mid-term examination will be conducted for 50% of the total marks allotted for IA of a course/paper. The 20% of the marks allotted for IA will be awarded to the students based on class attendance. If the total marks for IA is 20, then 4 marks will be awarded to the students based on class attendance. The following criterion is adopted for awarding marks under this category:
Rest 30% of the marks allotted for IA will be distributed and awarded on the basis of performance of the students on the following criteria:

End Semester Examination (ESE): The ESE will comprise of 80% of the total marks earmarked for a course. The ESE shall be of three hours duration for a course whose ESE component exceeds 50 marks. For a student to pass in a course/paper, she/he has to pass in both internal assessment and end semester examination separately.
Pass Marks
The pass marks will be as follows:
Theory paper: 30%
Practical paper: 40%
The following rules will apply for the Bachelor Degree in any subject with Honours.

Number of Attempts
A student who has completed a semester may be allowed to proceed to the next semester, irrespective of the number of papers in which she/he failed. In order to complete an UG degree, a student must obtain pass marks in all the papers prescribed. A student having failed to fill in his examination form in the first semester may be allowed to appear in the second semester if all other eligibility criteria are fulfilled.

College Uniform Wearing of college uniform is mandatory for students within college campus and related academic activities. The boy’s uniform is black long formal pant and sky blue shirt. The girls’ uniform is white patiala pant and sky blue kurta with white dupatta.

Anti Ragging Rule The college is very strict against any kind of ragging. The Anti-Ragging Committee of the college looks into the matter and strict actions is taken against anyone involved and indulge ragging.

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