Our Mission & Vision

Vision: The vision of Dudhnoi College is “to disseminate the knowledge of higher education among the needy section of the society and to become a frontrunner in teaching, learning and research, so that the fullest potential of the students may develop enabling them to compete with modern day challenges and opportunities, along with the quality of leadership that may inspire them to work for the advancement of the society and the nation”

Mission: The mission of the College is as follows:


The vision and the mission of the college reflect the goals and the objectives of the college. The college was established to fulfill the long cherished dream and aspiration of the people to provide the opportunities of the higher education to the deprived section of the society for whom higher education was beyond the reach. The mission, vision and the objectives of the college are communicated to the students through interactive discussions with the students. It is the tradition of the college that on the first day of the commencement of each and every academic session, students are acquainted with the mission and the goals of the college, its historical background, its achievements and failure through lectures by senior faculty members of the college. The college also takes opportunity to communicate students about the mission, vision and the objectives in the foundation day of the college, which is celebrated every year on the 4th of August. In addition to these, the goals and the mission are also published in the prospectus, and college magazines and website of the college.

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