Dudhnoi College Study Centre, GUCDOE

The Gauhati University Centre for Distance and Online Education (GUCDOE), formerly known as the Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL), is dedicated to providing high-quality education to students who are unable to access traditional higher education due to various constraints such as limited post-graduate class seats and livelihood commitments. The institute focuses on delivering high-quality education in a challenging learning environment. It utilizes modern teaching methods, including online resources, study materials, and periodic contact classes, to ensure that students receive a comprehensive education, even if they are not physically present on campus. In addition to academic courses, GUCDOE also emphasizes skill development and professional enhancement, preparing students for their chosen career paths. GUCDOE upholds high academic standards and ensures that its courses align with current industry trends, making it a popular choice for students seeking flexible learning options without compromising on quality.

A Contact/Study Center of GUCDOE was started in Dudhnoi College with the objective to give the opportunity of Higher Education to the students of this greater area. Many students have completed various courses from this Center and placed in important jobs.

Programs Offered through GUCDOE Centre of Dudhnoi College are-

The fees structure, admission procedure and all other rules and regulations of GUCDOE is strictly maintained in this Center as per guidelines given by University. For details, visit the GUCDOE website http://www.gucdoe.in.

Or contact
Name Designation Contact Details
Dr. Lalit Ch. Rabha Centre-in-charge 8638103337
Mr. Buddhi Raj Boro Coordinator 9101631954

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